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Financing Sustainable Cities (2016)

Financing Sustainable Cities Scan and Toolkit: An action-oriented “how-to toolkit” for Chief Sustainability Officers and Chief Financial Officers to catalog implementable and emerging funding mechanisms that can support cities striving towards bold climate action and sustainability goals, including a scan report, infographic of finance options, and conference agenda. (USDN Innovation Fund, 2016).
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Guest Lecture for the Multisector Strategic Partnerships & Financial Solutions course at Presidio Graduate School (2019)

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BAIII 5 Year Update: 2013-2018 (read more>)

BAIII Custom Equity Strategy Update Q1 2018

BAIII Fixed Income Strategy Update Q1 2018

BAIII Real Estate Strategy Update Q1 2018

BAIII Infrastructure Strategy Update Q1 2018

BAIII Private Equity Strategy Update Q1 2018

BAIII Super CD Strategy Update Q1 2018

Other BAIII News Update Q1 2018

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The BAIII 5 Year Summary Presentation (April 2018)

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The Research behind the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative (September 2013)

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Impact Investing in the Bay Area Conference (May 2013)

On May 7, 2013, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco hosted the Bay Area Impact Investing Conference to discuss how and why institutional investment pools can participate in Impact Investing activities in the Bay Area.

At this conference, these impact investing strategies focused on regional investments that first and foremost, meet our fiduciary requirements for risk and return expectations, but also include particular environmental, social and governance factors, socially responsible investing criteria and align at least part if not all of the portfolio, even across all asset classes, with some degree of intentional impact on the mission to keep the Bay Area economy strong, diverse and innovative.

You can view the conference brochure here or listen to the presentations online.

Impact Investing for Small, Place Based Fiduciaries (December 2012)

In December 2012, Lauryn Agnew published the research study “Impact Investing for Small, Place-Based Fiduciaries” for the United Way of the Bay Area.

The paper provides an analysis of impact investing, an understanding of fiduciary duty and a step-by-step handbook on how to build a stock and bond fund that is aligned with the mission to reduce poverty in the Bay Area, while meeting fiduciary standards of due diligence and performance expectations.

You can download the paper here or view it on the Federal Reserve’s website.