Launching the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative

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What if the San Francisco Bay Area could access a large amount of new capital and invest in our own backyard?

On Tuesday, November 5, the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative (BAIII) is launching its efforts to research and prove the concept that institutional investors can earn market-like returns on their assets AND have a positive social or environmental impact in our community.   This research will identify the key factors that drive institutional investor decision-making and asset allocation decisions particularly around place-based and mission related investing.  Impact investing activity by institutional investors has remained relatively limited, and the BAIII research efforts seek to identify what can be done to increase their impact investing. Without this analysis, institutional investors will be reluctant to advance into proactive and prudent impact investing even when it can align with mission, impact the community, and provide prudent, competitive returns across all asset classes.  The Launch event raises the awareness that this proposed study is an important opportunity to fill this knowledge gap and build the  investment case for Bay Area Institutional Impact Investing.  The event is hosted by BlackRock and sponsored by the Flora Family Foundation.

Our regional communities are strapped to make the investments they’ve historically made in infrastructure like transit and housing.  The Bay Area however, has very large pools of assets which are globally invested.  Recycling some of the assets in our region so that they are re-invested at home, intentionally investing a portion of our global portfolios in diversified but Bay Area-focused portfolios across all asset classes, can have huge impacts: influencing corporate behavior, supporting infrastructure investments, providing liquidity to funding projects, developing sustainable and healthy communities with affordable housing and transit opportunities. Founder Lauryn Agnew states:  It makes sense to gather fiduciaries of large investment pools, academic and financial experts, philanthropists, capitalists, public agencies and community services into collaboration to develop strategic investments and public private partnerships that will enhance and sustain our future economy.”

Financial support for research and outreach efforts can be donated through Community Ventures, the non-profit fiscal agent for the BAIII:  More information and research can be found at the BAIII website:   or contact us at

Or contact: Lauryn Agnew

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