Launching Opportunity Zone Funds: Background, Technical Update and Potential for Massive Community Impact

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Background: Within the December 2017 Tax Reform Act was a late provision that survived the reform due to years of bipartisan effort. Led by Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Tim Scott (R-SC), the Investing in Opportunity Act was passed as a Federal IRS initiative to steer untapped pools of private capital towards underserved communities in the form of equity investments. An … Read More

New Financial Tools for Place-Based Impact Investing and Opportunity Zone Funds

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By Stephen Malta and Lauryn Agnew Congress has given us a new tool for Place-Based Impact Investing (PBII), a field that is evolving rapidly.  These investment tools fit the needs of the whole spectrum of investors whose risk, return and impact goals merge for community and economic development to revitalize underserved neighborhoods. The combination of these new financial tools provide … Read More

BAIII 5 Year Summary 2013-2017

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  It’s been 5 years!  Five years ago we launched the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative.  Our mission was “to develop a blueprint to increase the quantity and effectiveness of impact investing in the Bay Area.” Mission Accomplished. The BAIII blueprint calls for a new physical and virtual PLACE that will be an investment company, a network platform to share … Read More

Place-Based Impact Investing: The HOW

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By Lauryn Agnew and Stephen Malta How to use the Bay Area Impact portfolios as building blocks for investing for sustainability and resilience in our own backyard. The six Bay Area Impact Investing portfolios that make up our regional impact investing solution are asset class specific strategies: public equity, fixed income, real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and community investing/savings. Each … Read More

Together Towards Impact in Our Own Backyard

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By Lauryn Agnew, Stephen Malta Our History of Place-Based Impact Investing: Traditional investing has focused on measuring risk and returns, and only recently has impact emerged as part of this equation so that we can now measure risk, return, and track our impact. What would this need to look like if we were to focus on impact for an entire … Read More

What is Place-Based Impact Investing?

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The Basics of Place-Based Impact Investing Series: Article 1 By Lauryn Agnew, Stephen Malta Place-based impact investing adds another dimension to the exciting and growing field of impact investing: the investment strategy designed to combine financial returns with positive economic and/or environmental impacts. In its start-up phase, impact investing was predominantly associated with private equity investments into social enterprises to … Read More

Place-based Impact Investing: The Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative Model

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The portfolio models from the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative’s research is highlighted in Cornerstone Capital’s Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking.  This article summarizes the in-depth research into building place-based impact-oriented investment opportunities, particularly for the San Francisco Bay Area.  By collaborating on the due diligence, encouraging deal flow, and keeping to high fiduciary standards, we can build a … Read More