BAIII 5 Year Summary 2013-2017

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It’s been 5 years! 

Five years ago we launched the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative.  Our mission was “to develop a blueprint to increase the quantity and effectiveness of impact investing in the Bay Area.” Mission Accomplished.

The BAIII blueprint calls for a new physical and virtual PLACE that will be an investment company, a network platform to share ideas and contacts, and a clearinghouse for matching resources to solutions in our Bay Area. READ FULL VERSION >

The BAIII model portfolios:  5 year results and impact examples

The following asset class-based portfolios represent regional investments designed to deliver benchmark returns and have a positive social or environmental impact on the Bay Area. Please note:  the information given in the summaries below is based on interviews, documents and websites provided by each investment manager. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. This is not an offering.  

BAIII Equities:
We have combined 3 equity strategies: active with ESG integration, passive with corporate engagement,  and a custom enhanced index strategy that focuses on Bay Area companies, AND our performance beats the Russell 3000 by 150+ basis points.  READ MORE>

BAIII Bonds:
The BAIII Fixed Income portfolio shows strong performance and targeted impact themes, with many examples in the Bay Area: local housing bonds, short, medium and long term bonds from a variety of issuers, corporate bonds with ESG strengths, and lending to small and growing businesses. Returns exceed the benchmark.  READ MORE>

BAIII Real Estate:
The BAIII Real Estate strategy and its managers cover a wide range of real estate investments: sustainable REITS and real estate stocks, Bay Area real estate loans, and building developers who add value in residential, commercial, and industrial properties by building sustainably, with examples here in the Bay Area, and tapping into the “Green Premium”  READ MORE>

BAIII Infrastructure:
Long term investors can fund infrastructure improvements around the Bay Area, in a portfolio of bonds, projects, developer loans, and public private partnerships that focus on transit and housing, water management, power, and energy sources. For more examples, READ MORE>

BAIII Private Equity:
The BAIII Private Equity strategy would capture the innovative and transformative power of private equity investing, especially when used for establishing companies and creating jobs in low-to-moderate income neighborhoods around the Bay Area, the world leader in private equity investing.   READ MORE>

BAIII Super CD-Note:
The BAIII Super CD is designed to be a tool to increase the flow of capital to the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) around the Bay Area whose mission is to invest locally, in small businesses and nonprofits.   READ MORE>

The BAIII Family of Funds:  6 distinct investment strategies

These 6 portfolios, each representing a single asset class, can be the building blocks for all investors to customize their impact portfolios for their unique risk, return and impact goals.

Other BAIII news: READ MORE> about the BAIII’s new website and video, new research, and the impact investing start-ups we work with in the Bay Area:

Thank you for your interest and support. We would welcome your feedback.

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