The BAIII began with the original mission to create a blueprint that would increase the effectiveness and quantity of impact investing in the Bay Area.

We developed the BAIII blueprint to meet the requirements of investors of all sizes, believing that if the criteria could pass the institutional requirements, it would also be appropriate and safe for retail investors, who might want to invest where they can see and experience some impact.

The idea for investing locally came from my service as a fiduciary and trustee on place-based organizations whose assets were invested globally, but none was intentionally invested locally. Overcoming the difficulties of place-based impact investing will require collaboration to make it cost effective to develop and administer enough diversified opportunities and structure them according to asset classes’ unique risk, return and impact profiles.

Interviews, focus groups, and research all contributed to the design for a physical and virtual investment platform that would centralize the administration and due diligence of market-rate based portfolios that contribute to the long term sustainability, prosperity, and resilience of the Bay Area.

Our Leadership Team